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Monday, March 29, 2010

What to Think

So many thoughts... so much time to think them.
I drove from Vegas to LA yesterday and had 8 hours in the car to go through many of them.
I have very important ones that I want to remember, those are the ones I always forget.
I have the ones that are so great in the moment, and in the next make no sense.
I have ones that come to me... and ones I have to think.
I have ones that won't go away... and ones I wish wouldn't.
So many thoughts. 
So many reasons for thinking them.
So many places they lead me.
So many opinions of which ones are the right ones.
So much time spent on thoughts and what they mean, and what it means, and what it is,  and if it is, and it is if.... I think so.

Today's Silver Lining:
"Love, I think, I see, you are there again, that place you go when everything on you depends, you hold
your ground, cause we will find a way, to live it all and still have fun, cause it's too much thinking,
it's too much worrying, rest your head aside me now, it's too much thinking, upon your shoulders
rest your worried soul upon me now."  Too Much- by Rusted Root

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