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Friday, March 26, 2010

Lost and Found

I was at the gym and they played this great song... I thought this will be my silver lining... the video was great too, the guy was blowing bubbles, splashing in the rain laughing through it all.  It was perfect somehow in that moment at the gym, I felt so in sync with life and the song sealed the deal.

I got home and began to look it up.  The words were something like... well... I forgot... all I remember is something about being open... and doing something or going with the flow, or being here... something like that... but I looked at his name it was... shoot, what was it?  Snam or Shar or Radm or something Pete maybe... 2 words... hmmm, google will know... but what do I search for??

I began searching with the snippets I tried to piece together, and had no luck... BUT the search lead me to a new song... one that was equally as perfect for this moment.  The moment where I am grateful to the mystery song for leading me to a tune for now, and a lovely reminder that each moment is here to lead us to the next, which can be just as amazing if we are able to let go of what was in order to let it be.

So who knows if I'll ever hear that song again... but my search is over, I found where I was lost... now the journey continues.

Today's Silver Lining:

"I’m gonna fly in a silver winged space rocket, I’m gonna pick out the stars and put them in my pocket, I’m gonna bring those stars back down, So I can spread celestial light around, I’m gonna do it all some day."  I'm Gonna Do It All- by Karine Polwart

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