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Monday, March 22, 2010

In the Beginning

I'm kind of at an in between right now as far as my answers go.  I'm not sure where to say I live, what to say I do, or my plan for the next few months.  What I do know is while everyone else is worried about where I'm gonna end up... I'm just enjoying the ride.  It's one of those times where things make sense.  Life is good because it is... I have no plans... just days full of amazing experiences. I feel right at home wherever I happen to be at the moment... I am grateful that I can live the way I do... just happy to be alive... learning so much each day... taking it all in with gratitude.

Sometimes we spend so much time planning happy endings, we forget where the story begins.  We never stop for a breath of now or a sigh of thanks...
But... when we do, it all makes sense.  We realize this is a fresh start... this is how it's supposed to be, because it is.  There is no worry of how it's gonna end, there is just how it is now... which is some other beginning's end... and always the start of something...
So let's stop skipping to the end, and begin.

Today's Silver Lining:

I'm walking down broadway, Each foot step is a new love letter, I'm trying to make eye contact, With each and every stranger that I pass, Thinking about the city, It's living proof people need to be together, I'm thinking about how I just want to open up, And give and give and give, And it's ok for you to care, Cause I can feel you in the air, And while you wonder "how's this gonna end?" I only want it to begin."  Begin- by Ben Lee

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