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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Being Fear-Less

It isn't hard to see that we live in a very fear based society... don't get me wrong, there's plenty out there these days to be scared of!!  That's part of the reason I started writing this, to help me focus on the good... the change, instead of the problem.  It can sound totally hippie dippie at times, but it is a work in progress and a space to inspire me to do what I can... This is where I try to fear less, and embrace more.

I used to feed into the problem, feel helpless, feel afraid of what would happen... of global warming, of the government, of earthquakes, (of men... haha)!! That is just what fuels these types of things, the fear they inspire... we're all taught to be so afraid of these big bad boogie monsters, that really only exist in our minds. It's good to be aware of what's going on, such as the way the food industry has been manipulating what we eat based on greed rather than health... but we can't be afraid of all the things we hear, we can simply shift our focus to the truth that this presents... that we should be eating real raw food from the earth like we have been for thousands of years.

 I've been watching alot of documentaries over the past few months and I've learned about so many things, some I've known, others I never realized... but for the first time, I've actually made a change.  The fridge, (well my stuff in there anyways), is pretty much all fruits and veggies from whole foods or the farmers market... in fact I haven't been to a regular grocery store in over a month.  I stopped drinking coffee, and going to Starbucks at all... which was tough at first!  I've been going to yoga everyday, recycling, being more aware of what I'm buying and doing in general, smiling at people and things; A LOT... and while this may seem like a small step for mankind... it's a huge leap for my world!!   After all... we are our world... what we fear or feel, creates what we see.

Changing something in your life may not seem monumental... but imagine if everyone started doing one thing out of awareness rather than popular belief.  It doesn't have to be dramatic... but even just replacing one or two processed foods in your diet with things that are whole and organic can start a change that will feel so good... Making an effort to learn more, to go outside of your box and what you've been conditioned to believe and see there are other ways to invest your energy... because the more you invest in things that feel good... the more they are invested in you.  You don't have to listen to what you're supposed to do, (these days going green is becoming trendy, and I'm not sure how green some of these things are)...and you sure don't have to agree with everything I say...  just be aware, listen decide what feels the best for the bigger picture... because you do have to be accountable for what you believe and why.

So much of what we do is driven by fear... we stay at jobs we hate because we are scared that what will make us happy won't pay the bills... we take medications and vaccines because we're afraid natural cures won't work... we don't say what we feel because we're scared of being wrong or judged.  Well... what's scarier, taking a risk at something new, with a chance it may be difficult, or doing things that make us unhappy or unhealthy because they're easy??  

 When we take off the blindfold of fear... it is easy to see love all around us...

Soooooooo... Fear less... Do more!!  Be the change, find love... become fearless!!!

Today's Silver Lining:

"I can change the world, With my own two hands, Make a better place, With my own two hands, Make a kinder place, With my own two hands, With my own, With my own two hands.  I can make peace on earth,
With my own two hands, I can clean up the earth, With my own two hands, I can reach out to you, With my own two hands, With my own, With my own two hands, I'm gonna make it a brighter place, I'm gonna make it a safer place, I'm gonna help the human race, With my own, With my own two hands."  With My Own Two Hands - by Ben Harper


(Here's another one, I couldn't resist, they're both soooooo good!!  I'm FEARLESS... HAHA!!)

"What good is a man, Who won't take a stand, What good is a cynic, With no better plan, I believe in a better way! I believe in a better way! Reality is sharp, It cuts at me like a knife, Everyone i know, Is in the fight of their life,I believe in a better way!  Take your face out of your hands, And clear your eyes, You have a right to your dreams, And don't be denied, I believe in a better way."  Better Way- by Ben Harper


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