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Friday, March 19, 2010

Too Easy to be Hard

I'm in LA and it makes things easy to be hard... my easy raw diet seems hard to stick with, my little bubble is hard not to pop, my yoga routine is hard to follow, patterns are hard not to fall back into, traffic is hard to not get stressed out in... it's been a hard day.

I realized why it's so easy for people here to be hard, to not care about what's going on outside of this hustle and bustle of distractions... I became so exhausted by the willpower it took to overcome all of these obstacles, that by the end of the day, I had forgotten what it felt like to want to do yoga... so I ate chocolate cake and in a zone accidentally stumbled upon my blog which I also forgot about.

I was reading a book called Stick, that talked about this experiment where they tested 2 groups of people with different tasks... some using willpower, some just easy to complete.  The group that had to use willpower in both tasks gave up 57% quicker in the 2nd task than the first who hadn't used any willpower yet... which proves it's an exhaustible resource.

Here it seems it's easy to run out of willpower and patience... you are constantly tested, stressed, and judged to the point where you are so consumed in these functions, you're too exhausted to be in the moment... to listen to you, do what feels good.  You forget things, lose track of time and interest in things quickly, and have no time to let a car in front of you.  Parking is an ordeal, driving 3 miles takes 38 mins, talking to people feels like a chore, how you're dressed turns into a resume... and as things that should be easy become so hard... it becomes easy to give up on dreams in pursuit of survival, it becomes easy to ignore calls and become so consumed in consumption that there is no time for anything else... it becomes easy to be hard.

Today's Silver Lining:

"How can people be so heartless, How can people be so cruel, Easy to be hard, Easy to be cold.  How can people have no feelings, How can they ignore their friends, Easy to be proud, Easy to say no.  And especially people, Who care about strangers, Who care about evil, And social injustice, Do you only, Care about the bleeding crowd?  How about a needing friend?" Easy to Be Hard- by Three Dog Night

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