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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Sundays. Love them. Plans. No plans... always full of Sunday magic.
Perfect weather.  Blue sky.
Farmers Market... More yoga.
Hot Tub with a view of the beautiful sunset...  Yummy home cooked dinner. 
Dance Party in the living room.
Beach... Tea.

The best way to end and begin... and out west, there's a good chance any day can be a sun(ny) day.

Today's Silver Lining: (a favorite from the dance session)

"Now everyone of us was made to suffer, Everyone of us was made to weep, But we've been hurting one another, And now the pain has cut too deep... So take me from the wreckage, Save me from the blast, Lift me up and take me back, Don't let me keep on walking...Walking on broken glass.  Walking on walking on broken glass."  Walking on Broken Glass- by Annie Lennox

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