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Sunday, April 18, 2010

You Say Tomato... I Say God

It's funny as I get older, and read and learn more, how much the word God seems to expand.  Such a loaded word... is God a he, she, it, everything or nothing.  People have very strong opinions on this, so I am very cautious when using that word.  When I say God, I mean love... but some people may judge it as something else they've defined it as from their own experience.  There was a great article on the many explanations of God I read by Duane Elgin: 
"Buddhists state that the entire universe arises freshly at every moment in an unceasing flow of interdependent, co-origination where everything depends upon everything else. Hindus proclaim the entire universe is a single body that is being continually danced into creation by a divine Life force or Brahman. Taoists see the Tao as the “Mother of the Universe,” the inexhaustible source from which all things rise and fall without ceasing. Confucians view our universe as a unified and interpenetrating whole that is sustained and nourished by the vitality of the Life force or ch’i. Christians affirm that God is not separate from this world but continuously creates it anew, so that we live, move, and have our being in God. Muslims declare the entire universe is continually coming into being, and that each moment is a new “occasion” for Allah to create the universe. Indigenous peoples declare that an animating wind or Life force blows through all things in the world and there is aliveness and sacred power everywhere. And a stream of Western thinkers portray the universe as a single, living creature that is continually regenerated and is evolving toward higher levels of complexity and consciousness. Beneath differences in language, a common reality is being described—the universe is an emergent system of which we are an integral part. 
God, such a small word... such a big meaning... one that we create the evolution of with each breath.  :-)

Today's Silver Lining:

"Oh Jesus, I love you, And I love Buddha too, Ramakrishna, Guru Dev, Tao Te Ching and Mohammed, Why do some people say, There there is just one way, To love you God and come to you, We are all a part of you.  You are unnameable, You are unknowable, All we have is metaphor, That's what time and space are for.  Is the universe your thought? You are and you are not, You are many, You are one, Ever ending, just begun."  I Love You And Buddha Too- by Mason Jennings

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