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Friday, February 26, 2010

Going Insane

According to Webster's Dictionary, insanity is formally defined as:
n - a deranged state of the mind usually occurring as a specific disorder (as schizophrenia), such unsoundness of mind or lack of understanding as prevents one from having the mental capacity required by law to enter into a particular relationship, status, or transaction or as removes one from criminal or civil responsibility, extreme folly or unreasonableness

Or as Albert Einstein puts it: 
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
I prefer his definition, such a genius in so many ways that man!!  I've been thinking about this a lot, not only in my own life, but in others... and I wonder, are we all insane in some ways??  We wait for people to change, we keep trying the same things and wonder why things never change...  but in some ways maybe insanity is the only way to get anywhere.
I mean, I've tried some things over and over and gotten different results, so maybe sometimes insanity pays off.  I've taken chances that even I knew were insane... but I've always been glad I did, even if the results weren't what I was looking for, I was grateful.  So is it the action or the expectation that makes you insane... the result or what you do make of it?

There is someone in my life who keeps doing the same thing over and over and getting the same results... now they're starting to have more severe consequences.  And though I can see the insanity, I can also see the way these things just seem to find this person... Is our insanity more like a groundhog day... something we need to keep doing to get a different result?  Or is it something we are manifesting into our lives, and until we can shift the focus of our energy, the cycle will keep repeating... driving us insane?!

Insanity comes in all shapes and situations, and affects everyone in different ways... there are many reasons that we keep ourselves in these insane patterns... laziness, stubbornness, stupidity... or maybe if we're just insane enough, we might eventually get a different result!

Today's Silver Lining:

"And I’m giving all my love to this world, Only to be told, I can’t see, I can’t breathe, No more will we be,
And nothing’s going to change the way we live, ’Cause we can always take but never give, And now that things are changing for the worse, See, whoa, it’s a crazy world we’re living in, And I just can’t see that half of us immersed in sin, Is all we have to give these, Futures made of virtual insanity now, Always seem to be governed by this love we have for, Useless, twisting, of our new technology, Oh now there is no sound, for we all live underground." Virtual Insanity - by Jamiroquai


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