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Thursday, May 6, 2010


There's a great song by David Bowie called Changes. "Time can change me, but I can't chase time"... those were the words I'd been singing my whole life to this song!  Those are not the actual words, as I found out today, but they made sense to me... and as a matter of fact, they still do!  So many times in my life I've wanted things to happen... I've thought, "If I could just make_________ happen, then I could do __________," or, "As soon as I get________ then I can do _________." (In my thoughts those blank lines were filled in with whatever I was wanting to happen or get at the time, they weren't just empty, lol)  When I was 20, I thought as soon as I was 21 all my problems would be over... little did I know they'd just be beginning to get good, haha!

There are so many ways to chase time... and usually it involves running away from the present.  By living with our focus on the future, rushing it into existence, we ignore what is going on.  Now is not then... and then is where future thoughts exist... but then doesn't exist yet, so neither does the place we're chasing.  (that may take 2 reads, lol) One of my favorite quotes is courtesy of Mark Twain:
"There has been much tragedy in my life; at least half of it actually happened."

Gosh, soooo true.  It goes for triumphs as well!!  I know I am guilty of spending so much time worrying about things that never even happen and making plans that never play out, envisioning all the outcomes to my ideas... meanwhile time ticks on, changing me, while I chase it unsuccessfully with my thoughts, doing nothing with my now to develop it!  It's okay to have hopes and dreams for the future, to strive for things... but there's a fine line between following your dreams, and waiting for them to happen as you plan.

What I've found, is that when I am happy with what is, knowing what else I want, but not planning on an exact outcome... I always manage to stumble into my dreams in my now.  When I am open to seeing what will come, while being active in what's happening, things always happen, and as I change with things around me, it feels like it has all been planned perfectly!  The way they unfold may not be anything I had thought of, but it is always what I asked for!! 

When you're chasing time, you're so busy trying to keep up with it, you never really get a chance to know what it's like, hang out with it.  When you stop chasing time, you can hold hands with it, take longs walks on the beach, have candlelit dinners and cuddle... or whatever it is that you enjoy to do with your time!  Now that's the difference between chasing time and having a good time ;-)  (I'm all punned out, time to stop, hehe)

Today's Silver Lining:
"Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, (turn and face the strain), Ch-ch-changes, Don’t want to be a richer man.  Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, (turn and face the strain), Ch-ch-changes, Just gonna have to be a different man.  Time may change me, But I can’t trace time." Changes- by David Bowie

(which I used to think was pronounced, B-a-wowee, I still can't figure out where I got that...lol)

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