Once upon all the time, something challenging happens, followed by something amazing...

Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm in love!!

This Voluspa makassar ebony & peach candle is rocking my world and making me way more happy than any candle should ever make a person.... But wow, it smells like a dream come true!! This smell is a song for my nose and the silver lining of my entire week!!!!! 
If I could put it into lyrics, it's sliver lining would be:

"Keepin your eyes on that mountain top, one step at a time, don't never ever stop.  Keep on when your mind says quit, dream on til you find you're livin it, I'll be right by your side, yeah baby shine on.  Don't stop til you win your prize, lean on, on the love that's in my eyes. You're a diamond to me, yes you are, shine on!"  Shine On- by Eric Bibb

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