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Friday, January 29, 2010

How You Know

I was thinking tonight about being younger and trying to fit in with everyone else. Trying to figure out where I belong.  Many things in my life have seemed like a struggle to make happen.   I always wondered how I would know when I was doing what I was supposed to be doing... and as I looked around at my butterfly trunk, letters of LOVE, pictures from India and color coordinated books, I realized I am.  Whenever I am doing what I truly connect with I feel good. It suddenly seemed quite simple to know, because I just knew.  I knew because I don't know, but I feel right and good and safe and happy.  I feel like me. I'm not trying to fit in or catch up, I'm already here.  There's nothing else to define me, people, a job, a relationship... and I'm still here.  I guess people are right, when you know, you know!

Today's Silver Lining:

"Oh I do believe, In all the things you see, What comes is better than what came before, And you'd better come come, come come to me, Better come come, come come to me, Better run, run run, run run to me, Better come."- Found a Reason by Cat Power

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