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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Old Fears, New Years

It seems the years come and go faster and faster, and while we chase the future trying to catch up, a lot of things seem to get left behind.  Around this time of year everyone scurries around trying to catch up on their vices before swearing them off in the new year.  "This is the year I'm gonna... lose weight, get a new job, exercise more, be happy, etc."  We begin to focus on all the things we can't do anymore, all the sacrifices we have to make, and convince ourselves this is the year we can... well, for a few weeks anyways... then we decide we'll try again next year.  I can't tell you how many times I've made the same new years resolutions... but I can tell you I've never managed to see them through.  I start strong, but I seem to always let myself off the hook, and go on as if nothing ever happened. The year on the calendars may change, but somehow the same old fears seem to find me here, again.  

Fear.  Around this holiday it has been used by marketers and gyms everywhere to try to get people roped in.  Somehow it has been established that in the New Year there needs to be big changes... or else.  Fear, I have looked it straight in the eye and seen what it can do, and yet it still gets me when I least expect it.  It's that time of year again, and as I started thinking about how I wanted to go into 2011, my old fears stopped in for a visit.  The fear of failure, the fear of not being able to change the things I should, the fear of becoming complacent... and then something drastic happened. Love won.  

All of a sudden as I looked at all the amazing things that I have in my life and realized... I don't need to focus on change, only growth; change is a natural bi-product of that.  I don't need to get rid of anything, just enhance everything; things that no longer fit will naturally fall away!  Most of all, there is nothing I need to fear, when I decide to do everything out of love!!! 

As I was surfing around the world wide web the other day, I found a great video from Brian Johnson that gives great advice on how to set yourself up for a year to remember... I highly recommend taking the time to listen to his words of wisdom:

So as the time is upon us to prepare for the year ahead, let's move forward with the things that inspire us and challenge us... let's do a year end clearance of all that fear left over.  Last year gave us everything we need to make this the best year ever... After all:

"Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us."  ~Hal Borland

Today's Silver Lining:

"Our rights, our wrongs, a moment, a love, a dream aloud,  a moment, a love, a dream aloud, so stay there, because I'll be, coming over, and while our blood's still young, it's so young, it runs and we won't stop until it's over, won't stop to surrender." Sweet Disposition- by Temper Trap

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